What to Expect on a Food Tour?

Sure, you can travel the world looking at museums and famous landmarks, but sometimes the best way to truly know a culture is by eating what the locals eat. You can accomplish this best with a food tour, but every single tour is different. So, what exactly do you need to know about a food tour to make it work the best for you?

First, a food tour is where you and a small group of people walk around a location with a guide. The guide will take you to different locations and explain not only the food dish you are eating, but also the history and significance of the item itself. It’s normally done over a few hours with a lot of walking in between, so you’ll have time to digest and reflect on what you’ve eaten.

Pace yourself If you are going on a longer food tour, because you don’t want to get sick and miss out on something great. A food tour is going to have you munching and drinking all day, so set good portions and pace yourself. Also, make a note of any restaurants or grocery stores where you stopped, you might be able to buy something afterward.

Also, since you will be walking and going outside, make sure to check the weather and dress adequately. Most food tours philadelphia won’t let the weather slow them down, and you’ll be on your feet a lot. So, having good clothing and shoes is essential for a good time.

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Finally, bring some water with you. While most of the stops on a food tour will have water or another beverage, having more water to drink will always be a comfort. You don’t want to walk a few miles and not have a water bottle with you.