What to Bring for Brunch?

Let’s be honest, brunch might sound fun, but it’s also confusing. What do you bring? It’s a combination of breakfast and lunch, but there are certain problems with this. Not every breakfast or lunch food is a brunch food, so toeing that fine line can really be difficult unless you use brunch catering collier county. In order to be the king or queen of your next brunch bash, get started with some of these easy recipes.

Brunches need to touch on what people expect from both meals. When you eat breakfast, you often want something sweet, carb-filled, or fruity. Lunch is more for meals with greens, savory dishes, and food people can really stop and enjoy. After all, lunch is the one time of day where you get to stop and eat.

Think about what you eat for breakfast and lunch, and then try to have some dishes that touch those categories. Fruit salad, muffins, and yogurt can be good staples for the breakfast portions, while salads, knobs, and small sandwiches can be good for lunch. As long as the flavors complement one another, it will be fine.

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Coffee is also a part of many people’s balanced breakfast, so make sure to have a coffee station set up where your guests can make the coffee to their liking. Brunch is typically done around 9 or 10 o’clock, so you’ll still be able to get caffeinated. Or you can try fruity cocktails instead for some fruity summer fun!

Finally, be sure to pick make-ahead recipes like casseroles or sandwiches. That way people can come in and either get right to eating or they can snack on appetizers before settling down to a larger dish. Turn on some music and get some light conversation going, and you’ve got a party.