Should I Toss a Bachelorette Party?

Most of us guys anticipate the bachelor party almost as much as the wedding and the honeymoon, but for women, such a party held for themselves before the big day is a bit more taboo. If you’re preparing to tie the knot, should a bachelorette party be a part of your pre-wedding celebratory events?

Don’t Miss the Final Showdown with the Girls

Although choosing to toss a bachelorette party is a personal decision, it’s one that you shouldn’t be shy about making. It’s your like hoorah before marriage; a chance to get out with the girls to live it up single girl style one last time. Sure, you’ll be busy planning and preparing your wedding, but there’s still time to plan a fantastic miami bachelorette party in the process when your besties are around to help.

Your Chance to Party

Your man loves you, otherwise he wouldn’t give you his last name or make a commitment to ‘honor, love, and cherish’. But, when it’s time for him to party with his guys during this last bout of freedom as a single guy, you better believe he’ll be out on the town having fun. You shouldn’t miss your chance to have the same fun. Life changes considerably when you’re married and while it isn’t a cut off of fun, it does change the nights out with your girls. Why not experience this last event?

What Goes on at a Bachelorette Party?

It’s up to you to decide what type of party you host. Nothing that you enjoy and want to do is off-limits if it’s acceptable to you both. Many ladies choose to go out to a strip club, as do the fellas, but this isn’t always on the agenda so if it’s not something you’re up to, don’t’ feel pressured. Instead, head out to your favorite bar or nightclub or perhaps plan a city tour in a luxury limousine. There is no wrong way to spend your bachelorette party if it’s what is fun to you and your crowd.

My Money is Tight

Think that you cannot afford to throw a party? Most bachelorette party costs are covered by the ladies who are in your wedding party or otherwise attending the event. Since this is usually your closest friends and family, they don’t mind chipping in for this fun as a pre-wedding gift for their favorite person. It’s nonetheless important that a budget is set and that you’ve planned a fun evening.

Marriage is a big commitment but one that you’ll value for the rest of your life once you walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’. Before you turn the chapter over in your life, make sure you have this one last bit of fun with your girls and throw a bachelorette party that you will always look back upon with a smile. No matter how little money is in the back or how busy you are preparing the wedding, there’s always time to have fun.