What is Cast Iron Seasoning?

Surprisingly you do this before any food goes onto your skillet or pan. Most skillets say they are nonstick, and many of them are, but have you ever wondered how they got that way? It was through seasoning. The season process is where a skillet is covered in cooking oil and placed in an oven for an hour. Then it just needs to be wiped clean and it’s ready to go.

The oil acts like a non-stick spray, and every time you use oil in the skillet that spray is reinforced. Then it acts like a non-stick pan, and you can grill any type of food inside of it without trouble. However, the extra benefits come at a cost, as it will need to be cleaned with hot water and regularly maintained to keep the surface up.

Be sure to scrub it diligently to remove the rust and other stuck on food after every use, and schedule a time to re-season if you suspect the cast iron to be losing its no-stick selling point.

Cast Iron skillets can be used to grill items over heat, making it one of the best well rounded tools to use in the kitchen, or on the go. After all, there’s a reason why campers use iron skillets in their tool kits, it’s all because of the iron skillet seasoning worcester and the benefits it provides!

iron skillet seasoning worcester

Some of the yummier meals that can be made in the skillet include steak and pork, eggs and hash browns, pancakes, flatbreads, and roasted fruits and vegetables. Just set it over heat and you really do have a versatile tool that will cook a wide variety of one pan meals without much need for a cleaning, so it’s a great pan to have on the go.